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Hello Marina Bay Families, My name is Seoyoung (Tina) Lee.

I have a lot of experience working with children in South Korea, I was taught Korean Traditional dance, ballet, and body movement with children.

I really love children, so I always try to make them happy and laugh at Marina Bay.

Educators of Marina Bay center work together to improve children's proper development and interact with various activities.

I am looking forward to getting to know the Marina bay families.

Tina Lee 


Our Team: About Us

Hello, my name is Mitsuko.

When I first came to Canada, I realized that people here are very kind, and thoughtful, respect others and have self-confidence. I wondered “what has made this difference”?

This is the reason why I started my interest in education. I started studying ECE, and learned that early care makes a big difference in a child's life, and these experiences made me a constant learner.

I would love to make each child and their family’s future happier by supporting them physically and mentally. ​​I believe the environment of Marina Bay Academy Educational Childcare is one of the best places for children, parents, and educators

(One of my favorite Canadian musicians said “it's cool to go places where working people are happy”, and I am happy enough to share my positive vibes now). I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

Mitsuko Asano


Our Team: Welcome

Hello my name is Heba, I havean ECE from Vancouver
Community Collegeand a Bachelor of Commercefrom the
University of Egypt. I have worked asa kindergarten
teacher since 2002 in different international schools
outside Canadaand in preschools in Vancouver Canada, It
is my passionto work withand educatechildren, thus I
continued my studiesat VCC to update my education,and
learnthelatest methods of teachingin Canada,and
credentials to becomeacertified Early Childhood
Educator. I loveteachingchildrenand supportingtheir
academic, social,and personal development, Helping
children(and their families) is the most rewardingjob Ican
think of, I believethatchildrenlearnthrough play as it
enriches learningand develops key skills suchas inquiry,
expression,experimentation,and teamwork. Iam happy to
work at Marina bay Academy,and be part of their
professional team, helpingthem to createafuneducational
atmospherefor thechildrenand to help them to createa
positive, inspiringimpact onchildren’s lives, Teachingisnot

my job; it is my passion.

Our Team: Welcome

 I have been interested in childhood education,
and after I went back to Japan, I started to
work as an English teacher. Since I had
experience working with children in Japan,
my interest for children development was
getting growing. Then I came to
Vancouver to pursue childhood


I want to encourage
and support children to develop their skills based on their intrestets and support their needs through a variety of learning opportunities. 

Our Team: Welcome
Our Team: Our Team

Marina Bay Academy Educational Childcare Team

Caring & Dedicated


Leyla Mehmandoost

Co-Founder Director ECE/IT

I am Leyla , co-founder and organizer of Marina Bay Academy.  A proud mother of two young men now in their early twenties.
I possess Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Diploma from
MTI College, Vancouver & Licensed Infant/Toddler Educator.
Since 2006 I have worked as a BI with children with autism and ADHD,  assisted teachers in the classroom, helped the children with special needs. I have held classes for parents & demonstrated techniques that parents could use for their own children on a day-to-day basis dealing with children-related challenges. Throughout my career have supervised children (ages 0-12).
My team & I always plan age-appropriate activities.
We communicate with each parent in person, most and foremost learn about every child’s unique needs before the start of any session with that child in order to be able to respond to that child’s needs more effectively.
We place great importance on multicultural sensitivities when working with children & their families coming from different backgrounds.
My team is handpicked, well trained, they share my philosophy,  all of whom have worked with me in the past, love children, are bonded, and licensed.  
We implement a personal development plan for each child with eye-hand coordination problem or children with separation anxiety.
We observe and interpret the child’s behavior. We help children with eye-hand coordination problems to function more successfully when engaged in activities that require eye-hand coordination.
We assist the children with separation anxiety to adjust to the childcare environment, feel comfortable with their Nanny or Sitter by offering activities that intrigue, relax, & interest the child . A happy child becomes more interested while being in our care. Upon request, we do a complete daily/monthly reports for the parents and or support staff in Child Development Programs. We participate in team meetings. We establish & Support Child Development Programs & discuss the child’s improvements with Parents. We provide activities and materials that promote diversity.






Co-Founder ECE/IT

Our Team: Our Team
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